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Religious Education




At St Paul’s the children and their families can expect a religious education curriculum that is rich and varied in religious vocabulary, enabling learners to acquire knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and an introduction to other world faiths which will encourage a love and confidence in the subject.



Religious Education can make an important contribution to pupils’ use of language by enabling them to:


■ Acquire and develop a specialist vocabulary in the subject of Religious Education.

■ Communicate their ideas with depth and precision, ask questions and be able to explain concepts and practices.

■ Listen to the views and ideas of others, including people from religious traditions and issues.

■ Be enthused about the power and beauty of language, draw meaning recognising its limitations.

■ Develop their speaking and listening skills when considering religions, beliefs and ideas and articulating their responses.

■ Read, particularly from sacred texts.

■ Write in different styles, such as poetry, diaries, reports, extended writing and note taking.

■ Evaluate clearly and rationally, using a range of reasoned, balanced arguments and put their opinions forward and appreciate differing views of others.

■ Reflect on feelings, relationships and experiences in their own and lives of others.


The following vocabulary is shared with the children during lessons using the Questful RE 2017 and through acts of worship. The children are encouraged to use this vocabulary both written and verbally


Early Years

Term 1. Autumn Term 2. Spring Term 3. Summer
Unit – I am Special/Harvest Unit- Stories Jesus heard/Stories Jesus told Unit- Friendship/Special Places
God, love, Father, unique.



Harvest, God, food, creation, thank you, prayer.

Bible, Old Testament, God, Jesus, creation, Noah, Joseph, Joshua, Gideon, Jonah, Goliath and Israelites.



Parable and Gospels.

Friend, friendship, trust, love and Jesus.



Church, Jesus, temple, holy and mosque.

Unit- Special People/Christmas Unit- Easter



Unit- Prayer/Special Times
Lord, trust, compassion, generosity, courage, miracle and Bible.



Christmas, Jesus, Bethlehem, Mary, Joseph, donkey, inn, star, shepherds, stable and kings.

Love, sacrifice, Easter, disciple, Holy Week, Palm Sunday, crucified, cross, risen and tomb. Pray, prayer, God, Jesus and Lord’s Prayer.



Anniversary, christening, baptism, wedding, celebration, funeral, Holy Spirit, birthday and prayer.



Year 1.

Term 1. Term 2. Term 3.
Unit -God and Creation/ Harvest- How can we help? Unit- Jesus was special Unit- Saints and Followers
God, Creation, Genesis, pollution, world, environment, psalm and hymns.



Harvest, Harvest Festival and Christian Aid

Jesus, Son of God, friendship, miracle and disciple.



Jesus, disciple, saint
Unit- Gifts Why do we give and receive gifts? Unit- Joseph/


Easter celebrating new life and new beginnings

Unit- Baptism, Why is it special?/Peace- ks2
Gift, Wise Men, Magi, Jesus, promise and St Nicholas.






Joseph, Jacob, brothers, dreams, coat, Egypt and forgiveness.



Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Jesus, new life, Holy Week, disciples, Mary, resurrection, garden and tomb.

Baptism, font, Christening, Vicar/Minister, Priest, Godparents, water and belonging.



This is a KS2 unit

Peace, fruit, spirit, vales, actions, grace, beloved, dove, hope, prayer, Kingdom of God



Year 2.

Term 1. Term 2. Term 3.
Unit – The Bible. Why is it special? Unit- Jesus, a friend to everyone Unit- What happened at Ascension and Pentecost?
Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, Holy, Gospel, Word of God, Mary Jones, Dead Sea Scrolls Miracle, New Testament, Gospels, faith and trust



Ascension, Pentecost, Holy Spirit, disciples, power, heaven and Trinity.
Unit- Good news. Why was the birth of Jesus such good news? /


The journey to Bethlehem

Unit- Easter symbols??? Unit- Why is church a special place for Christians?/


Where do people of other faiths worship?

Good news, Elizabeth, Zechariah, Jesus, Mary, Angel Gabriel, Joseph, shepherds and Bethlehem.



Saviour, Messiah, Christ, Bethlehem, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, shepherds, angels, wise men and star.

Cross, crucify, crucifix, Paschal candle, resurrection, Last supper, light, symbol, Light of the World and Eucharist. Church, Vicar, Minister, pews, font, altar, stained glass, worship, holy, sacred.



Mosque, minaret tower, Temple, ark, Gurdwara, and langar.



Year 3.

Term 1. Term 2. Term 3.
Unit – Which rules should we follow? Unit- Called by God Unit- Jesus the man that changed lives.
Rules, Laws, Moses, Commandment, Mount Sinai, Covenant, Old and New Testament Prophet, God, Old Testament and the names of the Prophets, ministry and ordination.



Jesus, Mother Teresa and the relevant Bible characters.



Unit- Christmas. God with us. Unit- Exploring sadness and joy of Easter Unit- Islam


Emmanuel, Incarnation



Palm Sunday, Temple, Last Supper, Gethsemane, Good Friday, Crucified, Easter Sunday and Resurrection Haj, direction, Mecca, pilgrimage, zakat, qu’ran, charity, wudu, sawm, ramadam, Arabic, salat, Allah, prayer mat, Saudi Arabia and shahadah.



Year 4.

Term 1. Term 2. Term 3.
Unit –God, David and the Psalms Unit- Prayer Unit- Are all churches the same?
Samuel, David, Jonathan, Saul, Goliath, inspiration and Psalm





Pray, prayer, collect



church, chapel, cathedral, sacrament, vicar, curate, priest and minister



Unit- Exploring symbols of light (Christmas) Unit- Betrayal or trust?



Unit- Hinduism
Jesus, light, candles, Christingle, Light of the World, Saviour and incarnation, Dreidel, Hanukkah, Hannukiah, Jerusalem, Temple. Trust, betrayal, forgiveness, Judas, loyalty, Peter, Gethsemane and Jerusalem. Divali, Krishna, om, Brahman, Rama, Sita, light, hindu, god, holi, goddess, pilgrimage, festival, shiva and vedas.



Year 5.

Term 1. Term 2. Term 3.
Unit – The Bible. How and why do Christians read the Bible? Unit- Jesus the teacher Unit- Significant women in the Old Testament
Old Testament, New Testament Gospel, Word of God and Translation.



Parable, Kingdom of God and Imagery.





Ruth, Esther, Purim and the names of the other women you choose to study- Naomi, Ruth…



Unit- Christmas around the world Unit-celebration of victory (Easter) Unit- Judaism
St Nicholas, St Lucia and Orthodox.





Victory, triumph, resurrection, sacrifice, salvation and redeemer. Shabbat, covenant, scroll, Torah, ark, shema, tallit, kippah, rabbi, huppah, ketubah, service, barmitzvah, bapmitzvah, synagogue and havdalah.






Year 6.

Term 1. Term 2. Term 3.
Unit – Eucharist /The Lord’s Prayer Unit- Sikhism Unit- Ideas about God
Eucharist, Holy Communion, Last Supper, remembrance, holy, sacrifice, mercy, salvation, sacrament and faith



Daily bread, forgiveness, thankfulness, Kingdom, pray, disciples Gospel, holy, hallowed, temptation, message, Father, sustenance, will, trespasses, glory, Christians and belief.

Guru, Nanank, gurdwara, Guru Gobid Singh, symbols, Vaisakhi, Guru Granth Sahib, Golden Temple, langar, kara, kirpan, service, khanda, kanga and Harmandir Sahib.





God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Trinity and Celtic
Unit- How do Christians prepare for Christmas (Advent) Unit- Who was Jesus (Easter) Unit- People of faith
Advent, prophet, prophesy, John the Baptist, Messiah, annunciation, incarnation, Mary Messiah, Prince of Peace, Saviour, resurrection, redeemer Moses, Passover, ceder, Israel, freedom and slavery.


and servant


Faith, ministry, mission, kingdom of God and vocation




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