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Miss N Woods – Class Teacher

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Welcome to the Reception class page!  This is the place to find the latest news and useful information from Reception class.

Reception 2023-2024

Road safety
Today we have been learning how to be a safe pedestrian. We watched a PowerPoint and watched the staying alive hedgehog video. We then went outside to practise being a safe pedestrian on our yellow road. This was followed with various worksheets/ activities set up in continuous provision
BBC Children in Need 2023
  • PJ day to raise money
  • Arts and crafts
What is Children in Need?
  • Giving money to children (Eva)
  • Raising money for poorly children (Milana)
  • Children with no bed (Lilly-May)
  • giving money for food (Olivia)
  • Children in Need is a charity (Paisley)
  • Give children toys (Patryk)
  • Keep children safe (Artemis)

Another week of learning. Our continuous provision activities are carefully chosen to allow the children to develop a range of skills

Diwali- The Festival of LightWe watched a video clip of JoJo and Gran Gran on CBeebies, all about Diwali. We then read Peppa Pig's Diwali. We designed our own diya lamps and coloured henna tattoos and rangoli.

We have been learning about King Charles III. Today it is his birthday. We learned some fun facts about King Charles. We have also learned about his late mother, Queen Elizabeth, as well as his two children,  Prince William and Prince Harry. To celebrate the King's birthday we have made crowns, decorated a birthday cake, designed him a birthday card and had an afternoon tea party! 

We have been learning about Remembrance Day. We watched a video to learn more about it. We discussed the poppy and why it is a symbol of Remembrance Day. We made poppy wreaths and 3D poppies. I set the children a home learning challenge to find out if any of their family members were soldiers in the war. We also had lots of remembrance activities in continuous provision. 

Today we have been learning about old and new toys and our favourite toys from home. We read 'The Old Toy Room' and we did a cut and stick. We then had to sort old and new toys. We also looked at photographs of old toys and compared them to current toys out of the Smyth's catalogue. Finally we drew our favourite toy. 

Today, we have read a story called 'Sparks in the sky'. We have discussed how to keep safe at a bonfire, we talked about our senses too. What could we see, hear, feel, taste and smell at a bonfire. We completed a worksheet. We also made bonfire cut and stick pictures

World Food Day

We tried-
•pickled beetroot
•scotch eggs
•chocolate brownie with beetroot

We linked it back to European Language Day and the languages spoken in our classroom. We chose foods specifically from these countries (Ukraine, England, Poland, China, Romania and Portugal). The children have really enjoyed this! 

We have been learning about how things change as we grow. We had to sort the pictures into baby objects, things you can do as a child, and things you can do as an adult. We discussed all of the things that we can do and put them into our 'special book'.

We have been learning about mental health. We have been talking about what helps us to feel happy and positive. We drew pictures of these. We also discussed all of the different emotions we might feel in a day and colour coded them e.g. blue is happy. We made paper plate emotion monsters

Today, we have been learning about World Homeless Day ❤️ We have been talking about what makes our house a home. We have also been discussing things that we want in our lives and things that we need to survive.

The Little Red Hen (Harvest)
We have been:
•sequencing the story
•apple printing 
•making handprint hens
•baking bread!! 
*World Space Day*
We looked at pictures of the plants/ galaxy and astronaut Neil Armstrong. We learned a song about space and we watched a short 'Blippi' video about the solar system. We learned what 'gravity' means and what its job is. We then coloured pictures and we baked star biscuits! 

We read a big non-fiction book 'All about me'. We talked about what makes us smile ❤️

World Animal Day
We discussed how animals live in all different habitats, and we did a cut and stick to sort land animals and sea animals. We talked about some of the countries that the animals come from. 
We then watched a video about elephants and discussed what the words endangered, extinct, and herbivore mean. We learned some facts about elephants such as how they drink water using their trunk! 

Continuing with our 'All About Me' topic, we have been making timelines to show how we grow from baby to adult.

Reception continuous provision- where the magic happens ✨️

We have been comparing England to Australia. We have discussed how the seasons are opposite, what kind of animals live in the wild, how long it would take us to get there and we used the Ipad to find out what the capital city is called.
 *(Linked to World Habitat Day) *

World Heart Day.

We have been learning about how important our heart is and what it does for our bodies. We discussed how it beats faster, during exercise, as it pumps blood and oxygen around our bodies. We learned the 'happy heart song' and discussed ways in which we keep our heart happy such as eating healthy! 

We've been learning about our bodies. Our topic is all about me.

We have been talking about our families and who lives in our house. We then did a family drawing.