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Miss M-K Warner – Class Teacher
Mrs K Ward – Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Wolstenhulme – Teaching Assistant

Welcome to the Year Five class page!  This is the place to find the latest news and useful information from Year Five.

Here is key information for our Y5 children.

Tuesday – Library

Thursday – PM Meditation

Friday – PE PM

Homework is set on a Friday and is due back on the following Thursday.

Diaries are checked daily and are required to be in school everyday. Important messages can be written in dairies.

Please read with your child at least twice a week and please make sure diaries are signed when you have read with your child. Reading books will be changed when needed.


Year 5 have been looking at the famous artist Georgia O’Keefe and creating their own observational drawings of flowers in her style. They have used pastels and adapted the skills of blending and shading utilising a range of colours.


Our music this half term is linked to the topic of Space. We are currently looking at the famous composer Gustar Holst. This lesson wew were creating our own compositions to reflect the planet Mars, using dark sinister beats.


In our problem solving session today in  year 5 we have been looking at pentominoes. We needed to use the skills of trial and error to decide where shapes would need to be placed on a series of rectangles.


This afternoon, we had a fantastic visit from our school governor Mrs Harvey. She brought in lots of artefacts from the Victorian era and told us lots of information about the differences between the rich and the poor people living in the era. The children found the afternoon very informative and interesting. we particularly loved the necklace made from butterflies wings! Thank you for taking the time to visit us Mrs Harvey!


In year 5, we have been exploring the works of the famous Victorian scientist Alexander Graham Bell. We have conducted our own investigation to test which combination of materials are the most successful in transmitting sound waves through them.

14th February 2019

Year 5 have designing and making 3 parachutes, which we will be testing in the playground to see which is the safest and why.

8/11/1In school this year, we are focussing not just on learning but on our emotional health and wellbeing. Leanne Cowburn from Simply Wellbeing is currently working with two classes and individual pupils on simple meditation techniques and teaching them the importance of relaxation. Our aim is to equip the children with strategies to use when their emotions are running high to minimise the impact on learning.


In year 5 we have been practicing our recorder skills by learning the notes for The Tudor Song greensleeves.


Year 5 have been tasting lots of Greek foods this afternoon to go with their Ancient Greek topic this term. They tried Tzatziki, Olives, Figl, Goats cheese, Feta cheese and celery.

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