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School Holidays

Term Dates 2019-2020

School Opens School Closes Other Closure
Autumn Term Tuesday 3/9/2019 Friday 18/10/2019  Monday 2/9/2019 (Inset)
Monday 28/10/2019 Thursday 19/12/2019  Friday 15/11/2019
Spring Term Tuesday 7/1/2020 Friday 14/2/2020  Monday 6/1/2020 (Inset)
Monday 24/2/2020 Friday 3/4/2020
Summer Term Tuesday 20/4/2020 Friday 22/5/2020  Monday 4/5/2020 (Bank Holiday)
Tuesday 2/6/2020 Friday 17/7/2020  Monday 1/6/2020 (Inset)
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