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Our Curriculum

Our Learning

At St. Paul’s we believe learning should be fun!
Whilst following National Curriculum we have designed our curriculum in such a way to maximise children’s curiosity and enjoyment.
Our curriculum is based on learning challenges, where children are involved with their own learning in a cross curricular way. By adopting this thematic approach we can ensure the learning is relevant and meaningful for each child in school.
We firmly believe in enhancing the curriculum by providing first hand experiences. Each class accesses several educational visits each year relating to their topics. In the same way, visitors come into school to share their resources and expertise and provide children with quality experiences.
Literacy and Numeracy are taught discretely, as is Phonics, and a range of programmes are used to support this learning including Letters and Sounds. ICT is used to enhance children’s learning in all areas of the curriculum, and Computing is also taught separately.

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Why am I special? Who can I ask for help? Would I like to live under the sea?


Which toy will be on your Christmas list? Can I grow Jasper’s beanstalk? Dinosaurs
Year One
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
How can we be a Superhero? Who lives in a house like this? Is there such thing as the Loch Ness Monster?
Is there a man on the Moon? Where in the World is Paddington Bear? Who is the best pirate in our class?
Year Two
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Is our class healthy? Would you rather live in England or Kenya? What’s the best thing about the seaside?
Was the Great fire of London a good thing? Did dragons really exist? What would you find if you went into the woods?
Year Three
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Which wild animals could we find in Westleigh? What’s so amazing about the Ancient Egyptians? What did the Romans do for us?
What would life be like for a Stone Age Child? What happens when the earth gets angry? How can we keep our local area nice?
Year Four
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Who were the Anglo Saxons?  How did we find our way before SAT NAVs? Why were the Norman castles not bouncy?
Why is London such a cool place to live? Were the Vikings always victorious and vicious? Are all European cities the same?
Year Five
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Why has Greece always been in the news? Why should gunpowder, treason and plot never be forgotten? What is beyond Planet Earth?
Who was Henry VIII and what was the reformation? When was the Industrial revolution and why did it change History? Why should the rainforest be important for all of us?
Year Six
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Why do we have a plastic ocean? How did the War affect Britain? Who were the Mayans and what happened to them?
Why did World War
2 happen?
Where does the water come from? Have we always looked like this?

Curriculum Statement 2021

Westleigh St. Paul’s Primary School

“Working Together, Playing Together”

St. Paul’s Values – Friendship, Love, Trust, Respect, Hope

Curriculum Statement

As a school we believe our children possess unique gifts, qualities and talents and have the right to succeed. We want them to recognise their own greatness and develop who they are in a loving and nurturing environment. Our school vision is firmly rooted in our values and we hope that through our curriculum and inspiring teaching, children develop a love of learning. We encourage them to aim high to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help them to be successful into adulthood.

Curriculum Intent

Our bespoke curriculum is broad and balanced taking into account National Curriculum expectations and our school’s unique characteristics. It is an enquiry based approach taught through Learning Challenges which enable children to have input into their learning. The Learning Challenges also give context to the learning to access subjects in a thematic way. We offer a great deal of enrichment and first hand experiences to ensure all children have equal opportunities regardless of family circumstances. Special days and events including visitors, expert facilitators and educational visits enhance the curriculum further. Values underpin all that we do, fostering curiosity, independence and resilience. Physical and emotional wellbeing have a high priority within our curriculum design, as well as opportunities to deepen spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding.

Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum balances National Curriculum expectations and a wide variety of educational experiences which allow children to flourish. Strategic planning allows the curriculum to be dynamic and adapt to the context of the school and children’s needs. Age related expectations combine the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills to create a purposeful and exciting learning journey for each child. There is also a focus on developing transferrable skills through strong cross curricular links. The development of thinking skills and appropriate challenge for all learners strengthens the curriculum further.

Curriculum Impact

The Senior Leadership Team monitor and evaluate the curriculum on a regular basis using a range of strategies. Subject leaders monitor individual subjects by reviewing learning, evaluating pupil voice, providing advice and feedback, celebrating strengths and identifying areas for improvement. Evaluation of coverage, attainment and progress all form part of assessing curriculum impact. The curriculum is reviewed annually in consultation with teachers to make it the best it can be for our children.

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