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Attendance Awareness

We would like to thank the majority of parents and pupils who continually co-operate and maintain excellent records of attendance.
However, with the support of all parent/guardians we can continue to improve our standards.

Westleigh St. Paul’s will:

  • Work together with pupils and parents to provide the nest possible education
  • Promote good attendance
  • Register pupils and follow up non-attendance
  • Monitor pupils
  • Counsel pupils
  • Co-ordinate support strategies for pupils
  • Supervise pupils throughout the day
  • Refer to Attendance Enforcement Team when necessary
  • Take every action to ensure that all pupils achieve excellent attendance

Parents will:

  • Make sure their child attends every day, unless to seriously ill to attend
  • Make all medical appointments outside of school hours except in emergencies
  • Organise family holidays during holiday periods
  • Support their child in aiming for full attendance
  • Contact school on the first day and each subsequent day if their child is absent from school. (contact details overleaf)
  • For extended periods of absence, provide written confirmation
  • Provide medical evidence of reasons for absence

Why is Education important for your child?
Having an excellent education will help to give your child the best possible start in life.
Education also ensures that your child develops the skills essential for employment in future life.

  • Personal and Social Skills
  • Financial capability
  • Ability to work with others
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • A sense of responsibility and understanding of their role as a citizen
  • Academic success
  • Workplace skills

A first class education requires full attendance.

Consequences of your child’s non-attendance at school could be:
Additional support arranged through …

  • Meetings in school with school staff
  • Visit to your home by school staff
  • Referral to Gateway 0-19 Service

Continued non-attendance could mean …

  • Issue of an Education Penalty Notice (Immediate fine)
  • Instigation of court action, possibly leading to a fine up to £2500 or even up to three months in prison in instances of serious non-attendance

However, the main consequence of continued non-attendance for your child could be reduced exam grades, an interrupted education and limitations on job/ career.

For More Information
Please contact us at:
Westleigh St. Paul’s Primary School
School Street
Tel: 01942 672611
Fax: 01942 608481
Text: 07786208450

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